Gingerbread house kit

I want a gingerbread house kit!!!!
I don't know what my problem is recently. I want a camera, I want a gingerbread house kit...etc Christmas is evil!! This Christmas atmosphere makes me want to buy a lot of stuff. This is not good. Especially I shouldn't spend too much money right now.
I want to enjoy new years eve. So I need to save some money for that.

But this gingerbread house kit shouldn't be too expensive. So I'm going to buy it anyway! Hahaha. The problem is I don't know where I can buy it. Maybe Costco or IKEA should have it. Right? I've never seen a gingerbread house at Japanese grocery stores. Damn it!
I checked online shops. Some shops have it. But they are so expensive! They are more than 3000 yen! No way!!
I hope amazon can ship it to Japan.


  1. I'm pretty sure IKEA sell them... they do in Australia! :)

  2. Gingerbread is a tradition to eat during Christmas in Sweden and IKEA is a very traditional Swedish company so make sense

  3. I saw it in Ikea the other day, I went to buy some heart shaped gingerbread biscuits mmmmm!!!

  4. Thank you very much for the info!! I could order it.
    I found the IKEA one online :D