I went to Forever21 yesterday. When I got off the train, I felt like I got lost because so many people were around the station. It sucks to be short in the crowd! I couldn't see anything. Good thing was I know exactly where the Forever21 is.
When I got to the store, I was so tired. But of course, a lot of cheap clothes and accessories made me happy quickly.
I lost 3 pairs of earrings last year :( So I wanted to buy earrings. Then, I found a cute pair of red owl earrings. They had black ones too. But I love red, so I bought red ones. After that, I found an apple necklace. It looks like Mac Apple!! I thought I should have it because I'm a geek. Hehehe.
I was afraid of spending too much money there, but I didn't!! I'm a good girl, eh?
Shopping always makes me happy :D
What makes you happy??


  1. Good job not spending too much money lol yes your a good girl :P
    Going out to see a movie and then having Pho right after with friends always cheers me up :) Have you ever had Pho?

  2. a good video and a beautiful guy makes me happy =D