My new vid! " New TJG"

I've had long hair for ten years. It was hard to decide to cut my hair. But I feel much better now. I really like my new hair style. When I decided to cut it, I wanted to share this moment with everyone. Cutting my long hair meant a lot for me. I've already got good feedback on this video. Thank you very much, everyone!! You guys are the best!!


  1. I think long hair is beautiful. I've only gotten to see your YouTube channel for a few months, but your long hair was beautiful. Even still, you still look beautiful. Great video and blog post!

    Now a little off-topic... if you want your widescreen videos to appear better in the blog, either go with a template that allows for wider images (believe me- I used to use the Thisaway blog template) or go with shorter video widths. My blog uses the "Stretch Denim" template, allowing me to use bigger images and widescreen videos. If you consider a different blog template to use wider images and wider embedded videos, try the "Stretch Denim" Blogspot template. Just a suggestion.

    Keep up the great work, TJG! ^_^

  2. i think this new (not so new anymore!) style really suits you ~ very kawaii!!

    (i know... i keep popping up everywhere! i feel like i'm stalking you. haha
    btw ~ i forget whether i responded to your question you left on my twitter account... of course you can use my name!)

  3. hi..

    what an interesting blog! i saw you on youtube. the video that your upload are very interesting. i am ryu gakusei in nihon go gakko. i just begin to live in osaka (tsuruhashi) for 1 month and i start to learn osaka ben from your video. they are really necessary. keep uploading ^^

  4. Aweee! Your hair looks so good now! I have long hair too and have a haircut app on Wednesday, hopefully I will be as brave as you and be able to cut it!lol.... we'll see!

    Love your blog! I'm a new follower! =)

  5. You look so beautiful and classy. I like your new hair very much. I just checked out your facebook page and I think you should change your profile picture. As I said, you are very pretty and you should show your fans your beautiful potential instead of that facebook profile picture you currently have posted.

    I think the word for beautiful in japanese is utsukushii. Is that correct?