I haven't blogged for ages!!

Hi everyone,

I haven't written anything here for ages!!
I'm not a blogger. I'm a vlogger!! I'm not good at writing, so making videos is much easier for me.

But today I'd love to share this exciting news with you guys. Probably, many people have already known this... Because I've been tweeting and updating my status on my facebook page.

I was interviewed by the Japan Times last week! I was so excited!!
And today the interview article is on the Japan Times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't thank you enough!! I can be here because of all my subscribers!!!
I couldn't do it without your support.
And thank you for nice comments on the video "the Japan Times interview". I enjoyed reading your comments.

This is the link. Please check it out when you have time.

About the video ;
I've never made videos talking about myself. So it was the first time to talk about myself in my video. It made me a bit nervous. Hahaha.
I wasn't sure whether people like the video or not. Because it was just me talking in front of the camera. But all your comments made me so happy!
You guys are awesome!!

Thank you very much, everyone!!


  1. I try to blog and vlog as much as I can. I've mostly just blogged a lot recently, though. Your video is incredible and so is the insight you provide in this video. I have great respect for all you do. Keep up the great work!

  2. What a vids.Trully nice work.Kyoto people definitely will proud of you.

  3. Your english is good, especially for not living abroad or attending a language school. Congratulations on the Japan Times interview too. Back to Japanesepod101 for me. Hopefully I can speak decent basic Nihongo when I visit Japan. Keep the Vlogs coming!!

  4. hey! *w* i just meet you (your videos :D)

    im from MEXICO!! nwn

    im a Blogger... and i want to star to be more Vlogger :D
    can you recomend me something??

    if you have time ;D!!