Bouldering is FUN!!

Today is my day off. It means BOULDERING TIME!
Bouldering is like a small version of rock climbing. The bouldering wall is about 3-5 m tall. And we climb it without harness. The fun part is that you have to use your brain. You need to figure out how to get to the goal.
Maybe you've watched my bouldering video on Thisjapanesegirl. That was the first time for me, so I failed so many times. It was the lowest level which is pink course, level 8... But now I'm trying to master red courses which are level 6. Yay! I could master one of red courses today! I'm getting better!!
I didn't think that it is an addictive sport, but it is! I don't have strong arms, but I can climb. So you can! It's a good exercise. You'll get sore arms and sore back for couple days after bouldering. Hahaha. It feels good!!


  1. (Youtube user Samjonescssm)

    Ohhh no you don't look too buff - well maybe a bit lol

    Looks like your hands hurt though~x

  2. Soft もちはだ hands don't go to well for bouldering! ^_^; heheh .. See ... just look at that picture! :P