Oh hi!

Hi guys,

Long time no blog.
AGAIN I'm a vlogger, not a blogger. But I'm going to try to update my blog a bit more often.
This is my latest video which I uploaded yesterday.
I've seen a lot of girls wearing fur stuff on their legs, heads, and bags in Tokyo. They look like they are wearing dead animals! Hahaha. It looks like a fashion trend.
In my opinion, they don't look good at all.
I thought that talking about it would be funny. So I made this short video. Please leave comments or make a video response! I'd like to know your opinion :)

Hope you like it!


  1. Fur (even faux fur) is super-popular in cold weather times. I'm a cat lover, so I can see the link between fur and cats. Another cool video!

    Now on for a few blogging comments. TJG, I tend to do more blogging than I do vlogging, so we are a bit opposite. You have lots of subscribers and views. So I think to compliment your blogging audience, maybe showcase a few of your videos in your blog while also allowing to talk more about the videos in question. That's what I try to do to appease to both my blogging and YouTube audience. I know you don't blog much, but I think you should blog a bit more often in addition to your wonderful videos. At least you know you have a fan here in Houston who loves your blog and your videos! :)


  2. I see a lot of coats in Japan that look like they were made from dog fur. Xp