I love gadgets.

Do you remember that I was talking about a Canon IXY last year on this blog?
Here is the link.
I've been thinking of it for a year!
If you follow me on Twitter or facebook or Youtube, probably you know that I love gadgets. Yes. I bought a new Canon IXY last month. And it's PINK!!!!! LOVE IT!!
I scream "IT'S SO PRETTY!!!!" when I use it. Hahaha.
I made a test video and uploaded it on thisjapanesegirl. Unfortunately, I couldn't film it during day time. But it's pretty good. I also used it to film my thatjapanesegirl latest video.

Now I have three cameras, the Xacti, the Kodak, and the Canon.
Each camera has good points and bad points.

Here is my quick review about those three cameras.

My Xacti is waterproof. So when I go to the pool or the beach. It's perfect! But the sound quality is horrible :( Another bad thing about the Xacti is that you can't take good photos. So slow and bad quality.

The Kodak is tiny like a cellphone. Which is really good for tiny people like me. And it takes good quality videos! I always wanted to buy a flip type camera. So I'm very happy with it. But the problem is that it's slow to turn on and turn off. You can take pictures. The quality is ok. But it's so slow. It's also not so easy to switch to the picture mode from the video mode.

The Canon has nice design. And it takes great pictures and videos. (AND PINK! LOL.) It's so quick to turn on and turn off too.
But the problem is that when you take a video at night, it catches strong lights and makes weird light lines. When I found it out, I got freaked out. I thought that it's broken. Yeah, it's that bad.

Hope it helps you if you are interested in buying a new camera!

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  1. Actually, the *cute!* Canon camera has some lovely details with the light lines. Those light effects are beautiful for night pictures. I think it's a lovely effect. Speaking of strong lights, your beauty shines beautifully in this video! :)

    For my own channel, I've recently gotten a Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5, which is not as favored as the Kodak Zi8. So I basically work with my Bloggie for my own videos. Keep up the great work with both TJG channels!