My Forever21 Haul

I went to the new Forever21 in Shibuya. It has 6 floors. It's HUGE!!!!

I tried not to spend money. Because I'm trying to save some money in this month. But it was so hard not to buy anything there. There are a lot of cheap cute clothes and accessaries.
I bought some small things.

My favorite one is a red beanie! I love the color!! I thought that a ball thing on top is kinda too much, but it didn't look too bad when I tried it on.
I needed to buy a bag, so I'm happy to be able to find a nice one.
If you are a hardcore TJG follower, you've noticed that I love big earrings. Yes. I always wear big earrings. I'm so lucky to be able to wear them at work too!! I love my job :D
I don't know people want to see what I got, but I like doing something I like in my videos.
I like watching people having fun and smiling, so that's why I'm doing this.
Hope you enjoy watching my videos!


  1. I looove forever21 :) I think that hat is adorable. I can't believe the store in had 6 floors! I did not see that store when I went to Shibuya O.o

  2. I prefer uniqlo with heattech