Sakura Time in Japan

It's very windy today. I was so worried that all cherry blossom trees are blown away.
So I went to Yoyogi park after work. Yoyogi park is a big park near Shibuya. If you know Vloggers in Japan, Tokyocooney organize the hanami party every year in the park. I went to the party last year. Unfortunately, we had a big earthquake this year. So I think that he didn't organize it this year.
Here are some pictures I took today. They are not great pictures. I don't have a fancy camera. But I hope you enjoy seeing some Sakura.
I'm going to post more pictures on facebook fan page later.


  1. the sakura is frekking beautiful! But I'm sorry to hear that is raining season now~

  2. Can't say it enough- I LOVE sakura! Beautiful trees. Lovely pictures you've taken here, TJG! :)