I'm addicted to the Farmville...

This game is so so so so addictive! I try not to check my farm like a mad person, but I check it like a mad person!! It's fun!!!!!!! I love my cows and sheep. They are so cute.
I bought a pink tractor the other day! Isn't it cute?? Is it because I'm Japanese? LOL.
I've never enjoyed games like this in my life. If you play this game on facebook, please add me as your neighbor!!



Thank you very much for all your support!! I had a great year!!
Have a wonderful holiday!!


Have a Merry Christmas!!

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!
I've set a Christmas tree. Can I eat my gingerbread house after Christmas? I'm not sure...
Do you eat your gingerbread house??


My gingerbread house

This is my first gingerbread house!! It was harder than I thought.
The roof pieces were already broken when I opened the box so I had to fix them first. My icing was crap and it wasn't holding well. But in the end, it was a lot of fun to make. I'm sure I'll do a better job next year.
I think I did a pretty good job for my first gingerbread house :)


Christmas in Japan!

Check this out! Fatblueman's Christmas collab video!! And I uploaded a short Christmas video :D


I love Wendy's! Please don't leave Japan!!

OMG! I'm freaking out!! Zensho group decided to end the contract with Wendy's at the end of this year!! It means we won't have Wendy's next year!


Please tell me this is a lie... Wendy's, please don't leave Japan!


Are you ready for Christmas?

I got this app "Christmas Tree Decorator" on my iPhone today. You can decorate your tree! It makes me so happy and excited!! Also I ordered a gingerbread house kit!!!!!!!! Yeah!! I'm ready for Christmas.
I haven't been excited about Christmas for a few years. But this app and a gingerbread house kit made me love Christmas again. Hope you all have happy holidays!


Gingerbread house kit

I want a gingerbread house kit!!!!
I don't know what my problem is recently. I want a camera, I want a gingerbread house kit...etc Christmas is evil!! This Christmas atmosphere makes me want to buy a lot of stuff. This is not good. Especially I shouldn't spend too much money right now.
I want to enjoy new years eve. So I need to save some money for that.

But this gingerbread house kit shouldn't be too expensive. So I'm going to buy it anyway! Hahaha. The problem is I don't know where I can buy it. Maybe Costco or IKEA should have it. Right? I've never seen a gingerbread house at Japanese grocery stores. Damn it!
I checked online shops. Some shops have it. But they are so expensive! They are more than 3000 yen! No way!!
I hope amazon can ship it to Japan.

Monthly Takarajima magazine translation

Viewers watching Japanese lesson videos say, "Marry me!"

She has been uploading Japanese lesson videos in English on Youtube since January 2009. Viewers who like to learn Japanese language and about Japanese culture have left comments and messages such as "Beautiful!" and "Marry me!"

She has appeared on a NHK TV show. She lives in Kyoto and as a result, her Kansai dialect lesson videos "Seyanaa" and "Honmani?" are very popular. She uploads a video about once a week.

She used to be an English teacher and she is now studying to be a translator.


Canon IXY digital 930 IS

I WANT AN IXY DIGITAL 930 IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw this camera today. And I found out this camera takes MOV file video!! It means I don't need to convert the file to edit!! AWESOME!!!
And it has touch panel like iPhone. There are four colors. Purple, silver, brown and blue. I want a purple one!
It was released in September 2009. I think it's released only in Japan. Maybe they're going to release similar one in US later. I'm not sure. This model is called Canon powershot SD something in US. I don't know why they often change the name though.
Don't you want it?

This is the Japanese Canon website.



I stopped at Forever21 yesterday. It was so much fun!!
I tried not to buy anything. But it's impossible not to buy anything there.
Do you like shopping?


TJG becomes Lady GaGa?

Too much time, too much hair, Let's become Lady GaGa!!
I was getting ready to go out. Then, I thought "wow! My hair is long enough to make Ribon like Lady GaGa!!" So this is the result.

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Disneyland with Youtubers!

I'm still excited! And also very tired. Hahaha. I had a great time with Elevencolors, Tolokyo, Wizleet and Sayaka at Disneyland. I've been there many times before. But I think it's the first time to go there with friends.
Thank you everyone! I'm looking forward to edit the video!! It was nice to meet you guys today!

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I'm in Takarajima magazine!

OMG!! I'm in Takarajima magazine!! Takarajima is a big magazine company. I think you can get the idea what kind of magazine it is here.

現宝島社、元JICC出版局 (Takarajima-sha, ex JICC Publishing)

現在はアイドル兼エロ専門の雑誌と成り下がってしまったが、A5判サイズだった頃の70年代末から80年後期に於いては日本のサブ・カルチャーを牽引していた偉大な雑誌です。73年に創刊の『ワンダーランド』と言う雑誌を起源とし『宝島』と成ってからその後判型が移行するに従い内容もどんどん変わって行くのです。雑誌が生き残るためには必要であったかもしれないが日本でのテクノポップ/ニュー・ウェイヴ・ブーム期と重なる80年から86年ごろが『宝島』が一番生き生きしていたのです。現在この時期の『宝島』に相当する雑誌は見つからない。あえて言えば『Quick Japan』か。宝島社の『別冊宝島』、『VOW』のその片鱗を伺うのみです。これは私の希望企画ですが、この時期の『宝島』に記事を元にして『別冊宝島』から『テクノポップ大百科』とか出版すれば結構売れると思うのですが、どうでしょう。古書店では普通の号は五百円前後、人気のある号は千円以上の値が付いてます。

It became just a magazine on idols and eros, it used to be a great magazine leading Japanese subculture between the end of 70's and late 80's when it was in A5 size. Its origin is the magazine "Wonderland" published in '73. Since it became "Takarajima", the content changed a lot as the size changed. "Takarajima" had its peak time between '80 and '86 overlapping the boom period of Techno Pop and New Wave while the change may have been necessary to survive. Currently, I cannot find the equivalent magazine to "Takarajima". If I dare to say, it's "Quick Japan". I can see its essence in "Takarajima Extra Edition" and "VOW" from Takarajima-sha. I think they should publish "Techno Pop Encyclopedia" as "Takarajima Extra Edition" based on the articles in "Takarajima" during this period. What do you think? In the used book shops, the normal issues are sold around \500 and the popular ones are priced over \1,000.
From March 2000, Takarajima became weekly. Takarajima has been changing as years go by, and in this renewal it became low-blow SPA!. The recommended article is "Tomoki Yoshimura (who calls himself as a B-class writer)'s Night Kayokyoku". I wonder he plans to publish a book like Mr. Chikada.

I'm so excited!! It's weird to see myself in a magazine though. I don't think you can read this magazine online. But I think you can buy it online. Hahaha.

I'd like to make a video about this. But I'm not sure I can show the magazine in my video. Becuase I'm worried about copy right things... :(

If I can't show it in my video, I'll put better picture of the page here!! Then, you can read it!! And also I'll try to translate it!

Thank you for all your comments!! You guys made me so happy!!

Hope you enjoy it!!


Meet at Disneyland!!

Did you watch Elevencolors' video?? They are going to film Fatblueman's Christmas collab video clip at Disneyland!! I'll be there too!! You have to be there before 7 pm on Thursday ( Nov 26). I hope more people can make it!! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there!!





Help me find a bag! ( this is not Ken Tanaka.)

This is my favorite bag. I bought it at Target in Australia. I think Australian Target is the best!! Hahaha. Anyway, it's my favorite one. It's simple, light, cheap (but it doesn't look cheap. It's important.) and small ( this is very important. I'm tiny, so when I'm carrying a big bag, I look so stupid.). I love it!! I use it everyday. So I want to have another bag like this one. I've kept looking for similar bags. But it's almost impossible to find a bag which I want in Japan!! I think Japanese bags are too Kawaii and too expensive! Why is it so hard to find A BAG?? If you find a similar one, please let me know!!


Do you know how to wear makeup?

Today I had lunch with my friends.
They said Japanese girls are good at makeup. Really?? I've never thought that!
They said girls in Tokyo are wearing full makeup and they look perfect. I think they are right. Especially, in Tokyo.
I don't like to wear heavy makeup. Because I feel like my skin can't breath!! And also I want to be recognizable without makeup. LOL.


I got my parcel. It was not a case of beer.

I got my parcel this morning. It's not a case of beer. I wish it could be beer. Hahaha.

I haven't had time and money to go to Costco for a long time! So I ordered some stuff online. They are a bit more expensive than buying at Costco. But when you don't have time, it's good deal.
This Kirkland House Blend is my favorite coffee beans. I tried the red one last time. I prefer this green one. I still have vanilla flavor one which I used in the Quiz video. But sometimes I need to have regular coffee too. So I need to have both.
The can of Chai tea... Love it!! It's so nice. Especially for winter time.
And also I bought salt and tortilla.

I'm waiting for another parcel!! I ordered it yesterday. Can't wait!!


Do you want to go there?

I found this restaurant 2 years ago.
"コック(kokku)" means "cook" . So I think they mean " Mr.cook" or something.
But I was shocked when I saw English part! Actually it says " Cock Boy"!!
What do you want to order there? LOL.



Actually I wasn't drunk.

I uploaded a new video last night. I'm sure you thought I was drunk. Well, actually NOT!
It might scare you that I did it without alcohol. Hahaha.

I wanted to make another Kansai dialect lesson video. Then I chose a word "ninuki".( It might be used only in Kyoto though.) Then I was thinking how to make this a funny lesson.
And I got this great? idea when I was eating dinner. Let's crash eggs on my forehead and find the ninuki!! LOL. I wanted to be drunk to make this video. Because I was not sure I can do it without alcohol. But I needed to set up everything in order to film it. I couldn't be drunk!
I was a bit afraid to crash eggs on my forehead. I've heard that egg shells are hard and cut your head! That's why I did it on my hair. I do believe my hair protects my head. And I was right.
Of course it still hurt!
When I did the first one, I was still nervous. So I didn't bang the egg on my head strong enough. It didn't crash nicely. Damn it!! Then I tried to make sure to crash the second one better. It worked! I was very happy and getting excited. But at the same time, my forehead started hurting...
After the second one, I was pretty much confident to crash eggs on my forehead. So I didn't hesitate to crash the third one. But that was a mistake... Boiled eggs are much harder than regular eggs. I didn't think about it. It was really painful!! If you listen carefully when I crashed the ninuki on my head, you can tell the difference from the other eggs. I felt like I hit myself with a rock. Hahaha.

It was good fun. Hope you enjoy watching it!!


LOTTE Fit's Dance

Watch this video!!

Help Ciaela who is a blogger win in the Lotte Fits contest by featuring her vid on your Facebook, YT or blog!


My favorite place in my house & my camera

I'd like to show you my favorite places in my house.

My make up table :
It was my dream to have a make up table! My dream has come true!!! Yay! And I hang all my big earrings and necklaces on the board. So it looks organized :)
All my accessories were on the table before. I wanted to keep this area
clean. I'm very happy to have my cosy girly place.


化粧台 :

My studio :
I just want to call this room my studio. Hahaha. I'm making videos here. There are a background, two lights and a tripod. I need to get another light and smaller tripod. But I don't have money!!
I might change the set up later. Because I don't have enough room between the background and the camera.        

My camera :
I love my red Xacti CA9. It's a nice camera!! I really wanted to have a red camera. This Xacti is so pretty. And this color is exactly what I wanted. It's easy to hold. Especially for girls who have small hands like me.
Also you can take pictures and video both. But honestly taking pictures with Xacti is not so fun. You have to hold the button to take pictures. So when I asked my friend to take pictures for me, she couldn't take any pictures. I think this camera is built for taking videos.
Another reason why I love it, it's water proof! I don't need to worry about rain! It's awesome!!
If you don't have cameras, I recommend it.

カメラ :
うちのお気に入りの赤のXacti CA9!すごい良いカメラやと思う。どうしても赤のカメラが欲しかったから、もうすごいステキ!まさに欲しかった色やし。ビデオ撮るにも持ちやすいし、うちみたいな小さな手の女の子にもかなりおすすめです。(まあうちはもう女の”子”ではないけど)


Kick the baby! ( hey! I'm joking!!)

I'm going to visit my neighbor today!! I'm excited!!
It's always exciting to make new friends. They have a brand new baby. What should I bring?? I can't make anything like cakes. Should I bring my camera instead? Probably not...
I've never held a baby. So I'd like to try. It'll be a nice feeling I imagine...
I really want to bring my camera!! Is it rude? It's kinda rude, right?
I'll try not to drop the baby :) I'll be a good fake mom! Hahaha.


This is the first blog... Not vlog!! Hahaha.

I'd like to talk about some stories from making videos and a little bit about my life.

First, I'd like to thank to everyone who is watching my videos on Youtube.
It has been so much fun! When I started making videos, I didn't think I keep doing this. Of course, I didn't have lights, background and green screen. But it's very addictive! I spend more time in front of my macbook now! Some people think it's sad. I don't think so. It's my hobby. And it's something I can do and I can enjoy in my free time. If you are thinking about starting Youtube, be careful! It's VERY ADDICTIVE! Ask Gimmeaflakeman! He knows exactly what I mean!! LOL.

It's hard to believe it's almost 1 year since I started making videos on Youtube. And I could meet a lot of cool people through Youtube.
I didn't think I can make friends online before. Maybe I'm too old! Hahaha. But actually I could make some friends.

I think this blog thing is kinda addictive too... Oh noz!!