Wait is over! Our couch is here!!

We ordered a new couch from a company, Burrow.
We didn't want to buy a heavy ass couch. We probably move again in the future, so we wanted to get furniture that we can easily assemble and dissemble. 
Burrow makes cool looking couches that we can assemble and dissemble easily. That was exactly what we wanted! And their website says they usually ship their products within 5-7 days. We ordered it right after we got our apartment. So we were super excited to get a new couch at our new apartment.

However, Black Friday or Cyber Monday caused a huge delay. We didn't get any explanation from Burrow why it delays a month. We didn't get any updates. We were very frustrated. And we almost cancelled the order.
We wanted to cancel it and buy a couch from somewhere else asap. But we really liked Burrow couch and we couldn't find anything we like at other places. So we waited.

We waited for a month. I'm not sure if we can say it is worth the wait yet. I hope we can say that... Haha.

Here is a new video us assembling our Burrow couch! 
We couldn't find many videos about this couch.  Hope it helps some people who want to buy Burrow couches.
*Please ignore my ugly socks. It's winter. My feet get cold quickly!

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