Wait is over! Our couch is here!!

We ordered a new couch from a company, Burrow.
We didn't want to buy a heavy ass couch. We probably move again in the future, so we wanted to get furniture that we can easily assemble and dissemble. 
Burrow makes cool looking couches that we can assemble and dissemble easily. That was exactly what we wanted! And their website says they usually ship their products within 5-7 days. We ordered it right after we got our apartment. So we were super excited to get a new couch at our new apartment.

However, Black Friday or Cyber Monday caused a huge delay. We didn't get any explanation from Burrow why it delays a month. We didn't get any updates. We were very frustrated. And we almost cancelled the order.
We wanted to cancel it and buy a couch from somewhere else asap. But we really liked Burrow couch and we couldn't find anything we like at other places. So we waited.

We waited for a month. I'm not sure if we can say it is worth the wait yet. I hope we can say that... Haha.

Here is a new video us assembling our Burrow couch! 
We couldn't find many videos about this couch.  Hope it helps some people who want to buy Burrow couches.
*Please ignore my ugly socks. It's winter. My feet get cold quickly!


This is how we do it.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!
This year we didn't have a family gathering, so Cakes and I are relaxing at our new homeπŸŽ„

This is my another holiday outfit.

I love this sweater!! I'm not sure if you can see... But this sweater has a Christmas tree with two sloths!! Sloths are on the tree!!!!!! So awesome!!!! Haha.

I'd like to share how we are spending our Christmas. I posted a video on Youtube. Hope you enjoy it!


My Holiday Outfit

We went out for dinner today. This is my holiday outfit no.1 2017. 
It is really cold in Bay Area today😭 But my favorite hat kept me warm!

I already posted those photos on Instagram(THATJAPANESEGIRL), so if you are following me there, you probably saw this earlier.
I love ugly sweaters. I bought a new one this year, so I'm going to wear it this weekend and Monday! The one I'm wearing in the photos is old. I can't wait to wear the new oneπŸ’•

Do you guys have ugly sweaters? Do you usually wear it during the holiday season?
I'd love to see yours. Please feel free to tweet at me with your ugly sweater photos!


Late night thoughts...

Since I have a lot of free time right now, I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos and checking Instagram. Then, I realized that there are not many women who are my size showing how to dress or their outfits(maybe I should say "fashion bloggers"? I feel so old I'm not catching up with those words recently)

Well, if you are new here, you might not know how short I am. I'm 4'10. I'm like a kid size, but a grown ass woman. Which is nothing wrong with. I'm happy with my body. But it's always a struggle to find a right fit and not to look like a kid. 
It's also hard to look good or feel sexy during winter time. I'm short, so when I wear a lot of layers, I look like Ewok. I become a fuzzy round thing. 

I found this as an opportunity to share my ideas of where you can find small size clothes and how you can try not to look like Ewok since not many people are doing that. 
My problem is I'm not very stylish. I used to spend all my money for fashion, but not any more. I still love dolling up and going out, so it's good enough, right? 
I'm not gonna teach you how to dress. I want to share my ideas. So girls who are my size or super stylish Instagram girls (again... fashion bloggers) can help me to get more ideas and become more stylish. Sharing is beautiful!!
Or I get a lot of haters telling me I'm not stylish enough to share my outfit ideas. You know, internet is a tough place. Hahaha.

I know some people here have been following me for a while. So you know I often change my mind... My attention span is so short. We'll see if I can stick with this new idea for a long time. 

By the way, my weight loss journey is still going! I'm not trying to lose weight any more, but I've been maintaining my weight, exercise routine, and diet. It's been almost two years since I changed my diet and lifestyle with Cakes who is now my husband! We are very happy with how we feel about ourselves. I'm very proud of that!!

If you wanna see me more often,  follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat(I don't show up on Snapchat often, but I'd love to use Snapchat more often)!

Snapchat: healthytjg (I'm not sure, but maybe you can find me with "THATJAPANESEGIRL" there as well.)


A new blog in Japanese

Hi! Long time no talk here on my blog. 

I wanted to let you know about my new project.
I've been working on a Japanese blog about my life in California on a Japanese blog site called "Ameba blog" for a while. And I really enjoy sharing pieces of my life. It's completely different from my Youtube channel. It's much more personal. Haha. You can see how I'm living everyday. Yes, I'm posting a blog every single day!

I've decided to start a new blog in Japanese on my own blog site "γ–γ£γ¨γ˜γ‚ƒγ±γ«γƒΌγšγŒγƒΌγ‚‹". I already transferred some blogs from the original Ameba blogs. My Ameba blogs are like my diary. I think this γ–γ£γ¨γ˜γ‚ƒγ±γ«γƒΌγšγŒγƒΌγ‚‹ will be also like my diary, but more organized. 
I won't translate to English, but if you're interested, please come visit me!


Hope I see you there too!


HealthyTJG is still here

It's been a while since I stopped updating.
Surprisingly I'm still on this healthy journey! And it's been very successful. I hit my weight goal, 47kg(103lb) a couple months ago. Now I'm around 46.4kg-47kg. Again the weight is just a number. So it is not important. But it is still a nice feeling! 
I feel much better about myself. And I go to the gym more often than before. I also feel stronger. I am very happy about myself.
I just wanted to address this. And I hope it inspires some people. I could do it. It means you can do it. Losing weight is not what I'm encouraging. Being healthy and feeling good about yourself are what I wanna encourage you to try :-)


HealthyTJG week 8

I completely forgot to post blogs for week 6, 7, and 8!! I'm on week 9 now. I didn't expect I can keep this life style more than a month... I still struggle a lot though.

I hit 46kg in week 6. But unfortunately I'm back to 47.6-48kg... Maybe because I started lifting.
Anyway, my weight is not my main focus. And a receptionist at the gym told me that I look much thinner than before!! That's something, right?

I'm going to go on a vacation very soon... So I'm gonna eat everything I see during my vacation!!!!

I'll try to post some pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat. I enjoy using snapchat. If you are interested, please add me!

Snapchat: kobearmonster
Instagram: HealthyTJG
Twitter: HealthyTJG