HealthyTJG week 8

I completely forgot to post blogs for week 6, 7, and 8!! I'm on week 9 now. I didn't expect I can keep this life style more than a month... I still struggle a lot though.

I hit 46kg in week 6. But unfortunately I'm back to 47.6-48kg... Maybe because I started lifting.
Anyway, my weight is not my main focus. And a receptionist at the gym told me that I look much thinner than before!! That's something, right?

I'm going to go on a vacation very soon... So I'm gonna eat everything I see during my vacation!!!!

I'll try to post some pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat. I enjoy using snapchat. If you are interested, please add me!

Snapchat: kobearmonster
Instagram: HealthyTJG
Twitter: HealthyTJG

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