HealthyTJG Week 2

Ok. I guess week 2 is a little easier than week 1. It's not because I technically had two days of cheat days. I have a good excuse for that. My family from Kyoto was visiting me/Disneyland on Friday and Saturday. So I wanted to have a good time with my family. You know what I mean...

Here is my gym and diet(mainly dinner) record of week 2.

Weight: started with 48.8kg(107lbs). There were small ups and downs during the week. Then, ended with 48.8kg(107lbs).

Monday:       Ran 30 mins with 5.5 miles/hour
Tuesday:      No gym
Wednesday: Ran 20 mins with 6 miles/hour & workout (arms&abs)
Thursday:     Work out (leg day) & 10 mins walk on the treadmill *My right ankle is not happy recently 
Friday:          No gym, but walked around all day at Tokyo Disneyland
Saturday:      No gym
Sunday:        Ran 40 mins (First 15 min was interval training)

I usually eat a salad bowl for lunch. I used to eat whatever I want for dinner, so I changed it to healthier dinner.

Monday: Chicken fajita with an avocado

Tuesday: Quesadilla (no meat; onion, bell pepper, spinach)

Wednesday: Gapao rice(brown rice) 
I forgot to take a picture. I was so hungry!

Thursday: Skillet lasagna
I used half of the cheese amount from the recipe. And I did not use oil to cook it.

Friday: My family from Kyoto was visiting Tokyo Disneyland, so I joined them... It was hard not to eat all kinds of sweets and snacks there. I managed to eat unhealthy food minimum.
Here are what I had at Disneyland. I did not eat white rice in the photos.

Isn't it so cute? It's a Mickey Mouse shape chicken nuggets!

Saturday: Cheat day
Another day with my family :-)

Sundayyogurt & granola for dinner

If you know easy low carb recipes, please leave comments! I'm going to repeat some same dishes next week, so if I can get more ideas for dinner, it'll be very helpful :-)

See you next week!