HealthyTJG Week 2

Ok. I guess week 2 is a little easier than week 1. It's not because I technically had two days of cheat days. I have a good excuse for that. My family from Kyoto was visiting me/Disneyland on Friday and Saturday. So I wanted to have a good time with my family. You know what I mean...

Here is my gym and diet(mainly dinner) record of week 2.

Weight: started with 48.8kg(107lbs). There were small ups and downs during the week. Then, ended with 48.8kg(107lbs).

Monday:       Ran 30 mins with 5.5 miles/hour
Tuesday:      No gym
Wednesday: Ran 20 mins with 6 miles/hour & workout (arms&abs)
Thursday:     Work out (leg day) & 10 mins walk on the treadmill *My right ankle is not happy recently 
Friday:          No gym, but walked around all day at Tokyo Disneyland
Saturday:      No gym
Sunday:        Ran 40 mins (First 15 min was interval training)

I usually eat a salad bowl for lunch. I used to eat whatever I want for dinner, so I changed it to healthier dinner.

Monday: Chicken fajita with an avocado

Tuesday: Quesadilla (no meat; onion, bell pepper, spinach)

Wednesday: Gapao rice(brown rice) 
I forgot to take a picture. I was so hungry!

Thursday: Skillet lasagna
I used half of the cheese amount from the recipe. And I did not use oil to cook it.

Friday: My family from Kyoto was visiting Tokyo Disneyland, so I joined them... It was hard not to eat all kinds of sweets and snacks there. I managed to eat unhealthy food minimum.
Here are what I had at Disneyland. I did not eat white rice in the photos.

Isn't it so cute? It's a Mickey Mouse shape chicken nuggets!

Saturday: Cheat day
Another day with my family :-)

Sundayyogurt & granola for dinner

If you know easy low carb recipes, please leave comments! I'm going to repeat some same dishes next week, so if I can get more ideas for dinner, it'll be very helpful :-)

See you next week!


  1. I like to eat squash as apart of a low-carb addition to my meals. Kabocha, and spaghetti squash are really really nice! I've also found skipping a lot of carb based foods like rice, noodles, and type of bread during the evening helps out a lot with any bloating I may have in the morning. Eating chicken fajitas w/o the tortilla and eating it on top of a salad with extra grilled veggies, mild salsa, a little bit of cheese, and some lite sour cream is really tasty! I also really enjoy eating vegetarian meals for dinner as they tend to be low-carb and low-calorie! Eating vegetarian soups like minestrone or just ones with seasonal vegetables or miso soup with tofu are great things to have for dinner because it keeps you full and happy ♥

    1. Hi Kassidy,
      Thank you for sharing your ideas. I like squash too. But it's hard to find them in Japan. I really want to use the spaghetti squash, but it's impossible to find it here... It's also hard to find vegetarian stuff too. We are slowly catching up with the rest of world though. I've started seeing more restaurants serves vegetarian meals.
      I still miss eating carbs, but I feel much better after two weeks of low carb diet :-)