HealthyTJG week 3

I think I like myself more than before since I started this healthier life style. 
I can see that my face lost some fat. But I don't see any big differences yet. A funny thing is that I started ordering new clothes!! You know, when you feel good about yourself, you get more confident and feel sexy!!! I love it. 
I'm still on week 3. But I'm already happier. It's not because I'm losing weight. It's because I feel good :-)

Monday: No gym
Tuesday: Interval treadmill training for 30 mins
Wednesday: No gym
Thursday: 1 mile run and workout
Friday: No gym
Saturday: 35 mins interval treadmill training 
I hit 47.6kg(104lbs)! I was so shocked to see that. It means that I lost 5lbs in three weeks. I feel like that it's a little too fast... But I'm not too worried. Saturday was my cheat day ;-)

Sunday: Ran for 25 mins and workout
I was right. After the cheat day, I'm back to 48.0kg. 

I think that the interval training really burned a lot of fat this week. It's fun to see my body shape is slowly changing. And I feel great!! 

I repeated some same dishes from last week, so I didn't take pictures this week. Again, please please share some low carb dish recipes if you know some!! It's so hard to keep making different dishes. And it's also difficult to do it in Japan... 

Monday: Chicken fajita (it's the same recipe as last Monday. It was really good, so I made it again)
Tuesday: Omelette with onions, bell peppers, ham, basil, mini tomatoes, and Feta cheese
Wednesday: Quesadilla with basil and Feta cheese
Thursday: Pork steak with brown rice and spinach
Friday: Chili
Saturday: Cheat day!

Sunday: Skillet lasagna

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See you next week!!


  1. It is so nice when you feel more confident and sexy when you start to take care of your body and health! I recently found out I'd lost another 4lbs, so I'm really close to having lost 20lbs so far this year!

    Do you eat konnyaku or shirataki noodles? I know they're supposed to be virtually low-kcal and low-carb! I'm going to be buying some and making yakisoba soon.

    I'll follow you on snapchat and twitter!

    1. You've lost 20lbs??? Wow! Great job! Keep it up, girl!!
      I'm not saying that losing weight is good. But if you feel healthier and better about yourself. That's great :-)

      I don't eat konnyaku so often. I'm Japanese, but I'm not big fan of Japanese food... And I don't know how to cook Japanese food. Hahaha. Weird, right?