HealthyTJG week4

This week was tough... It's not because of the diet or exercise. TMI alert! My period completely destroyed me. I don't usually get any symptoms, but maybe the weather or work or whatever combined with period and decided to destroy me! Hahaha. 
Anyway, I still managed to stay healthy at least physically. I kept going to the gym and stayed on my low carb diet. As a result, I lost more weight and didn't have crazy cravings any more. 
Now I'm 47.2kg(104lbs). So far I've lost 2.4kg(5.3lbs) in four weeks. I'm impressed by this number. I didn't try to lose weight, but as a result, I lost 2.4kg! It's very interesting how your body reacts to what you eat and do.

Monday: No gym
Tuesday: No gym
Wednesday: 15 mins run and workout, total 40 mins
Thursday: No gym
Friday: 30 mins interval treadmill training
Saturday: 20 mins interval treadmill training and workout(mainly legs), total 1 hour
Sunday: 40 mins running on the treadmill

Diet (I share only dinner dishes here. I eat a salad bowl or a small sandwich/wrap for lunch almost everyday. So it's pretty much the same thing everyday.)
Monday: Left over lasagna from last Sunday (I make a skillet lasagna often. And I use half of the ingredients amount from the recipe. Much less cheese. But it's still good.)
Tuesday: No dinner... I had to go to the dentist after work, so I couldn't eat dinner :-(
Wednesday: Pork steak with brown rice
Thursday: Work dinner... But I did not ear any carbs!!
Friday: Chili 
Saturday: YAAAS! Cheat day!!!
Sunday: Vegetarian quesadilla 

People say that you start seeing differences from week 3. I think that's about right. It's not a dramatical change. But I can tell my jeans are looser around my thighs. I also think that my face looks sharper. I have a round face, so it's easy to tell when I see my chin started sticking out more. Hahaha.
I can't believe I survived four weeks!! It's almost a month since I started. I really enjoy this new life style!
See you next week!!

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