Healthy TJG

I'm on week 2 of being on healthy diet. And I'm going crazy! I cannot stop thinking about food(not healthy food. I'm talking about.... Popeyes!!)!!
I've decided to share my healthy diet journey with you to keep myself sane. And hopefully it encourages you to be healthier and feeling good about yourself.

Why am I doing this?
I'm not afraid of aging, but I'm terrified to age badly! I want to feel good about myself. And I want to age well.
I thought that having a healthier life would help me to age well.

I'm a food lover and a couch potato. So my plan is not hardcore like fitness freaks.
My plan is eating healthier meals for 6 days and one cheat day and going to the gym every two days. As a result, hopefully I can lose some weight.
As you see, losing weight is not my main focus. I quickly get tired of worrying about my weight. And it's unhealthy to worry about the weight!
Having said that, I needed a goal to keep my motivation. So my goal for now is to be 45kg(100 lb). I was 49.6kg(109.3 lb) when I started last Monday, Feb 15th. My current weight is 48.8kg(107.5 lb), so I've already lost 0.8kg(1.8 lb). Not bad, right?
Let me tell you how short I am. I'm 148cm(4.85 ft). I'm super short! So 100 lb shouldn't be too bad. And I'm not saying that I'm gonna try to lose that much in a week or month. I'm going to take my time :-)

Now you know what I'm trying to do here. I'd like to share what I've done in week 1.

Monday:       No gym

Tuesday:      Ran for 30 mins before work
Wednesday: No gym
Thursday:     Ran for 30 mins before work
Friday:          Ran for 40 mins after work
Saturday:      No gym
 (I had my hair salon appointment! I need to be pretty to be healthy. Being healthy is feeling good about yourself, right?)
Sunday:        No gym (My excuse is... I didn't want to sweat and wash my hair right after I get my hair color retouched.)

Monday - Saturday: grilled chicken breasts, vegetables.... etc
I did not plan to share this, so I took only one picture of the meal on Monday. I will do a better job from this week!!

Sunday: Cheat day!!!!!! My boyfriend and I went to China town and had dim sum buffet!! Then, we found a new Hotteok stand on our way home, so we got it as well. We felt guilty to eat that much even we were on the cheat day, so we had smoothie for dinner.
*Hotteok is a Korean winter street snack. It's like a small pancake with cinnamon, sugar, nuts inside.

We can see the results together. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of changes I can see on my body! I hope it gives you some ideas what you can try too. Since I'm a beginner of this healthy life stye, I'd love to hear your stories!!

See you next week!


  1. I'm also on a journey to be healthier! I've managed to lose 15lbs since the start of this year, but I have a lot more to go. One thing that is helping me lose weight fairly fast (besides healthy eating), is too incorporate tabata workouts in! Anything that is HITT style will help get your heartrate up and can tone your body while doing so. Good luck and keep us updated!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story! That's awesome! You lost 15lbs!!
      I've heard of HITT. I'll read more about it and try it :-)
      I'll update the blog on weekend!