A new blog in Japanese

Hi! Long time no talk here on my blog. 

I wanted to let you know about my new project.
I've been working on a Japanese blog about my life in California on a Japanese blog site called "Ameba blog" for a while. And I really enjoy sharing pieces of my life. It's completely different from my Youtube channel. It's much more personal. Haha. You can see how I'm living everyday. Yes, I'm posting a blog every single day!

I've decided to start a new blog in Japanese on my own blog site "ざっとじゃぱにーずがーる". I already transferred some blogs from the original Ameba blogs. My Ameba blogs are like my diary. I think this ざっとじゃぱにーずがーる will be also like my diary, but more organized. 
I won't translate to English, but if you're interested, please come visit me!


Hope I see you there too!

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