Late night thoughts...

Since I have a lot of free time right now, I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos and checking Instagram. Then, I realized that there are not many women who are my size showing how to dress or their outfits(maybe I should say "fashion bloggers"? I feel so old I'm not catching up with those words recently)

Well, if you are new here, you might not know how short I am. I'm 4'10. I'm like a kid size, but a grown ass woman. Which is nothing wrong with. I'm happy with my body. But it's always a struggle to find a right fit and not to look like a kid. 
It's also hard to look good or feel sexy during winter time. I'm short, so when I wear a lot of layers, I look like Ewok. I become a fuzzy round thing. 

I found this as an opportunity to share my ideas of where you can find small size clothes and how you can try not to look like Ewok since not many people are doing that. 
My problem is I'm not very stylish. I used to spend all my money for fashion, but not any more. I still love dolling up and going out, so it's good enough, right? 
I'm not gonna teach you how to dress. I want to share my ideas. So girls who are my size or super stylish Instagram girls (again... fashion bloggers) can help me to get more ideas and become more stylish. Sharing is beautiful!!
Or I get a lot of haters telling me I'm not stylish enough to share my outfit ideas. You know, internet is a tough place. Hahaha.

I know some people here have been following me for a while. So you know I often change my mind... My attention span is so short. We'll see if I can stick with this new idea for a long time. 

By the way, my weight loss journey is still going! I'm not trying to lose weight any more, but I've been maintaining my weight, exercise routine, and diet. It's been almost two years since I changed my diet and lifestyle with Cakes who is now my husband! We are very happy with how we feel about ourselves. I'm very proud of that!!

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