Do you know how to wear makeup?

Today I had lunch with my friends.
They said Japanese girls are good at makeup. Really?? I've never thought that!
They said girls in Tokyo are wearing full makeup and they look perfect. I think they are right. Especially, in Tokyo.
I don't like to wear heavy makeup. Because I feel like my skin can't breath!! And also I want to be recognizable without makeup. LOL.


I got my parcel. It was not a case of beer.

I got my parcel this morning. It's not a case of beer. I wish it could be beer. Hahaha.

I haven't had time and money to go to Costco for a long time! So I ordered some stuff online. They are a bit more expensive than buying at Costco. But when you don't have time, it's good deal.
This Kirkland House Blend is my favorite coffee beans. I tried the red one last time. I prefer this green one. I still have vanilla flavor one which I used in the Quiz video. But sometimes I need to have regular coffee too. So I need to have both.
The can of Chai tea... Love it!! It's so nice. Especially for winter time.
And also I bought salt and tortilla.

I'm waiting for another parcel!! I ordered it yesterday. Can't wait!!


Do you want to go there?

I found this restaurant 2 years ago.
"コック(kokku)" means "cook" . So I think they mean " Mr.cook" or something.
But I was shocked when I saw English part! Actually it says " Cock Boy"!!
What do you want to order there? LOL.



Actually I wasn't drunk.

I uploaded a new video last night. I'm sure you thought I was drunk. Well, actually NOT!
It might scare you that I did it without alcohol. Hahaha.

I wanted to make another Kansai dialect lesson video. Then I chose a word "ninuki".( It might be used only in Kyoto though.) Then I was thinking how to make this a funny lesson.
And I got this great? idea when I was eating dinner. Let's crash eggs on my forehead and find the ninuki!! LOL. I wanted to be drunk to make this video. Because I was not sure I can do it without alcohol. But I needed to set up everything in order to film it. I couldn't be drunk!
I was a bit afraid to crash eggs on my forehead. I've heard that egg shells are hard and cut your head! That's why I did it on my hair. I do believe my hair protects my head. And I was right.
Of course it still hurt!
When I did the first one, I was still nervous. So I didn't bang the egg on my head strong enough. It didn't crash nicely. Damn it!! Then I tried to make sure to crash the second one better. It worked! I was very happy and getting excited. But at the same time, my forehead started hurting...
After the second one, I was pretty much confident to crash eggs on my forehead. So I didn't hesitate to crash the third one. But that was a mistake... Boiled eggs are much harder than regular eggs. I didn't think about it. It was really painful!! If you listen carefully when I crashed the ninuki on my head, you can tell the difference from the other eggs. I felt like I hit myself with a rock. Hahaha.

It was good fun. Hope you enjoy watching it!!