Thank you very much for everything, everyone!

I just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone.
I think that my subscribers are the best!! I can't thank you enough.
Your comments always make me smile. It's been almost 2 years since I started making videos on Youtube. It's been great because of you guys.
Thank you very much for watching my videos :D
Happy New Year!!!!!



Edited Osaka trip video

Here is the edited Osaka Trip video.
Hope you can feel the Osaka vibe from this video. Osaka is such a cool place.

BusanKevin is da man!!

If you haven't watched BusanKevin's collab video. Go check it out!
If you are a Youtuber, you know that making a collab video is a hard work. Especially collecting all clips from a lot of people and editing everything together are a lot of work. BusanKevin always does a great job. This Christmas collab video brings you nice holiday feeling.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!


Bye Bye Osaka

We had a great time in Osaka. Osaka people seem like that they are happier than Tokyo people. That was the first thing that we noticed. It's interesting. Japan is a small country, but there are some big differences between Tokyo and Osaka.

Osaka Trip 2

We went to the Osaka castle on Day 2. And after that, we met BusanKevin in Kobe.
It was a fun day :)

Osaka Trip 1

Betamaxdc, CakesBomb and I had a great trip to Osaka. I made some random videos.
Here is the first one.


Spoiler! Watch my video first!

I hope a lot of people got it right! Was it too easy for you? Or too difficult for you?
I quickly explained why b is correct and why a and c are not correct. Did you understand?
The English sentence is "Zombies are not scary." a, b, and c are all negative sentences. Did you notice that? I'm going to explain a bit more here on my blog.

a. ゾンビは、こわいじゃない。Zombie wa kowai janai.
Why is it wrong? Because kowai is i-adjective. "janai" is used for the negative form with na-adjective.
For example, "げんきじゃない" "Genki janai"
Genki na is na-adjective. So when you make a negative form, you use "janai" at the end, and you get rid of "na" from "genki na". "Kowai" is i-adjective. That's why a is a wrong answer.

b.ゾンビは、こわくない。Zombie wa kowaku nai.
As I said, kowai is i-adjective. When you make a negative form, you use "nai" at the end, and get rid of "i" from kowai. This is the correct answer.

c. ゾンビは、かわいくない。Zombie wa kawaiku nai.
Some people get confused "kawaii" and "kowai" sounds. So I thought that it might be a good one for multiple choice question.
kawaii is cute. kowai is scary. They are completely different meaning. So please be careful.
You don't want to say" your cat is scary!" Right?


Peter Jackson is crazy!

I watched Toy Story 3, Dead Alive (Brain Dead), and Back to the future last night.
I'm not a big fan of Toy Story. But a lot of people said that it's a good movie. I watched it.
Ummm..... It was ok. It didn't make me become a Toy Story fan. Oh! I almost forgot about Ken!! That character is so funny. I liked it!

The second one... Oh my goodness. I LOVE zombie movies. BUT it was.... Not my favorite. It was wrong in so many ways!! The most disgusting thing I've ever seen was the big mama zombie. Actually it wasn't a zombie any more!!
I've been watching a lot of movies since I was little. My parents let me watch a lot of zombie movies too. So I didn't expect that I get disgusted by a movie! It was very entertaining. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed watching it, but I don't think that I want to watch it again.
After I watched Dead Alive, I had to watch something nice to get rid of the big mama zombie image from my head.
Back to the future!!!! It's one of my favorite movies. Who doesn't like this movie? It worked well. I felt much better after watching a good movie :D Hahaha.

I think you want to see the big mama zombie now! Right?


I love gadgets.

Do you remember that I was talking about a Canon IXY last year on this blog?
Here is the link.
I've been thinking of it for a year!
If you follow me on Twitter or facebook or Youtube, probably you know that I love gadgets. Yes. I bought a new Canon IXY last month. And it's PINK!!!!! LOVE IT!!
I scream "IT'S SO PRETTY!!!!" when I use it. Hahaha.
I made a test video and uploaded it on thisjapanesegirl. Unfortunately, I couldn't film it during day time. But it's pretty good. I also used it to film my thatjapanesegirl latest video.

Now I have three cameras, the Xacti, the Kodak, and the Canon.
Each camera has good points and bad points.

Here is my quick review about those three cameras.

My Xacti is waterproof. So when I go to the pool or the beach. It's perfect! But the sound quality is horrible :( Another bad thing about the Xacti is that you can't take good photos. So slow and bad quality.

The Kodak is tiny like a cellphone. Which is really good for tiny people like me. And it takes good quality videos! I always wanted to buy a flip type camera. So I'm very happy with it. But the problem is that it's slow to turn on and turn off. You can take pictures. The quality is ok. But it's so slow. It's also not so easy to switch to the picture mode from the video mode.

The Canon has nice design. And it takes great pictures and videos. (AND PINK! LOL.) It's so quick to turn on and turn off too.
But the problem is that when you take a video at night, it catches strong lights and makes weird light lines. When I found it out, I got freaked out. I thought that it's broken. Yeah, it's that bad.

Hope it helps you if you are interested in buying a new camera!


Let's laugh together!

Hi guys.
I love laughing. I think that everybody should have a good laugh at least once a day. It makes your day much better.
I do weird things sometimes, and I always laugh at myself. So I thought that it might be fun to share it with people. If you can talk about funny things or weird things which you've done, that might make people laugh or smile. Hope you guys can make a video response or leave a comment. Your video or comment makes people's day better!!


Bouldering is FUN!!

Today is my day off. It means BOULDERING TIME!
Bouldering is like a small version of rock climbing. The bouldering wall is about 3-5 m tall. And we climb it without harness. The fun part is that you have to use your brain. You need to figure out how to get to the goal.
Maybe you've watched my bouldering video on Thisjapanesegirl. That was the first time for me, so I failed so many times. It was the lowest level which is pink course, level 8... But now I'm trying to master red courses which are level 6. Yay! I could master one of red courses today! I'm getting better!!
I didn't think that it is an addictive sport, but it is! I don't have strong arms, but I can climb. So you can! It's a good exercise. You'll get sore arms and sore back for couple days after bouldering. Hahaha. It feels good!!

Oh hi!

Hi guys,

Long time no blog.
AGAIN I'm a vlogger, not a blogger. But I'm going to try to update my blog a bit more often.
This is my latest video which I uploaded yesterday.
I've seen a lot of girls wearing fur stuff on their legs, heads, and bags in Tokyo. They look like they are wearing dead animals! Hahaha. It looks like a fashion trend.
In my opinion, they don't look good at all.
I thought that talking about it would be funny. So I made this short video. Please leave comments or make a video response! I'd like to know your opinion :)

Hope you like it!


I haven't blogged for ages!!

Hi everyone,

I haven't written anything here for ages!!
I'm not a blogger. I'm a vlogger!! I'm not good at writing, so making videos is much easier for me.

But today I'd love to share this exciting news with you guys. Probably, many people have already known this... Because I've been tweeting and updating my status on my facebook page.

I was interviewed by the Japan Times last week! I was so excited!!
And today the interview article is on the Japan Times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't thank you enough!! I can be here because of all my subscribers!!!
I couldn't do it without your support.
And thank you for nice comments on the video "the Japan Times interview". I enjoyed reading your comments.

This is the link. Please check it out when you have time.

About the video ;
I've never made videos talking about myself. So it was the first time to talk about myself in my video. It made me a bit nervous. Hahaha.
I wasn't sure whether people like the video or not. Because it was just me talking in front of the camera. But all your comments made me so happy!
You guys are awesome!!

Thank you very much, everyone!!


My new vid! " New TJG"

I've had long hair for ten years. It was hard to decide to cut my hair. But I feel much better now. I really like my new hair style. When I decided to cut it, I wanted to share this moment with everyone. Cutting my long hair meant a lot for me. I've already got good feedback on this video. Thank you very much, everyone!! You guys are the best!!


あかん-Akan Good examples ( comments)

Thank you for great examples!! It was so much fun to read them all.
All examples were interesting, but I can't put all of them here. Sorry...
I chose some examples which made me laugh and smile :)


図書館で爆笑したらあかん! ( I know exactly what you mean... )


返事書いたらあかん。( Why?)


Kekkon shitara akan. ( LOL.)


仕事行かへんとあかん? ( this is advanced level!! We can use "akan" to ask "do I have to ~?")


ここは大阪やから標準語で話したらあかんで。 ( Nice!)


Daichen食べたらあかん。 ( Yeah... You shouldn't eat Daichen... Hahaha.)


ビール吐いたらあかん。もったいない。( I agree!)


デブなアメリカ人になったら、あかん。 ( I'll be careful. )


関西弁で話したらあかん。 ( Hahaha. It's hard not to speak Kansai dialect!)


くっそ〜、なんで犬は乗ったらあかんねん。 ( LOL. It made me laugh so hard!)


Hanakuso tabetara akan. ( Yeah, you shouldn't eat it. That's gross...)

あかん - Akan Good examples! ( Video responses) 4

Thank you for funny videos!! I really enjoyed watching them!!
This is KawaiiOtone's video! It's a cute video!! I like it!!

あかん - Akan Good examples! ( Video responses) 3

Thank you for funny videos!! I really enjoyed watching them!!
This is socratess55551's video. I think that he can make more Japanese lesson videos!

あかん - Akan Good examples! ( Video responses) 2

Thank you for funny videos!! I really enjoyed watching them!!
This is mastorione's video! I like this one because I'm a big fan of Star Wars!!

あかん - Akan Good examples! ( Video responses)

Thank you for making funny videos!! I really enjoy watching them!!
This is Daichen's video. Poor shirohige... LOL.


Kansai Dialect "あかん (Akan)"

This is my latest Kansai dialect video. I'm going to showcase some good examples from the comments and response videos here in two weeks!

Depointless's video

Watch this video!!



Do you know CakesBomb? Are you following him on Twitter? He is in Tokyo now. I'd like to hang out with him someday soon. I like his videos :D

He has the coolest icon picture on Twitter, so Betamaxdc copied CakesBomb's picture, then, APOKALYPSE34 copied it. I thought I should try it too.
Now more people joined. So it's so hard to tell which tweet is whose tweet... So confusing. LOL.
If you are not following them, please check them out!










Funny comments

I'm thinking about picking some funniest comments on my videos every week and post them here. One comment made me laugh so hard today. It is on my Japanese Girl video. I don't have his permission, so I'm not going to post that comment today.
I think it'll be funny and it'll be fun to share with more people. Please let me know what you think!!



I went to Forever21 yesterday. When I got off the train, I felt like I got lost because so many people were around the station. It sucks to be short in the crowd! I couldn't see anything. Good thing was I know exactly where the Forever21 is.
When I got to the store, I was so tired. But of course, a lot of cheap clothes and accessories made me happy quickly.
I lost 3 pairs of earrings last year :( So I wanted to buy earrings. Then, I found a cute pair of red owl earrings. They had black ones too. But I love red, so I bought red ones. After that, I found an apple necklace. It looks like Mac Apple!! I thought I should have it because I'm a geek. Hehehe.
I was afraid of spending too much money there, but I didn't!! I'm a good girl, eh?
Shopping always makes me happy :D
What makes you happy??


Costco's pizza is the best!!

I love Costco!! Especially this pizza!! It's cheap and big :D Of course, it tastes goooood!! Why are Japanese pizzas so expensive?? It should be cheaper... Right?
I tried to think why this pizza is better than Japanese pizza. I think main reason is cheese. They use different cheese. I think the cheese makes a big difference. What do you think?
What's your favorite food at Costco?


Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます!

Here are my New Year's videos!