Merry Christmas!!

Hope you all have a merry Chistmas!!


Edited Osaka trip video

Here is the edited Osaka Trip video.
Hope you can feel the Osaka vibe from this video. Osaka is such a cool place.

BusanKevin is da man!!

If you haven't watched BusanKevin's collab video. Go check it out!
If you are a Youtuber, you know that making a collab video is a hard work. Especially collecting all clips from a lot of people and editing everything together are a lot of work. BusanKevin always does a great job. This Christmas collab video brings you nice holiday feeling.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!


Bye Bye Osaka

We had a great time in Osaka. Osaka people seem like that they are happier than Tokyo people. That was the first thing that we noticed. It's interesting. Japan is a small country, but there are some big differences between Tokyo and Osaka.

Osaka Trip 2

We went to the Osaka castle on Day 2. And after that, we met BusanKevin in Kobe.
It was a fun day :)

Osaka Trip 1

Betamaxdc, CakesBomb and I had a great trip to Osaka. I made some random videos.
Here is the first one.