I haven't touched my blog page for ages. Google changed a lot of things here...
I can't tell that it's better than before or not. But it looks cool.
What do you think??


Do you like blogs in easy Japanese?

Hi guys,

As you know, I'm a vlogger. So I don't update my blog so often.
But my friend, thatcooljapanesegirl started blogging in Japanese. She doesn't know many Kanjis. She writes her blog all in Hiragana and Katakana. So I think that it might be good for people who study Japanese. She loves fluffy stuff. So she is going to write about weird fluffy stuff on her blog. Interested?

Hope you enjoy reading her fluffy blog!

Here is the link to her blog.




I'm testing the app on Chrome... How does it work?


Sakura Time in Japan

It's very windy today. I was so worried that all cherry blossom trees are blown away.
So I went to Yoyogi park after work. Yoyogi park is a big park near Shibuya. If you know Vloggers in Japan, Tokyocooney organize the hanami party every year in the park. I went to the party last year. Unfortunately, we had a big earthquake this year. So I think that he didn't organize it this year.
Here are some pictures I took today. They are not great pictures. I don't have a fancy camera. But I hope you enjoy seeing some Sakura.
I'm going to post more pictures on facebook fan page later.


TJB left Tokyo.

My bro, TJB was living in Tokyo for a year. It was nice to be able to hang out with him often.
He is a cool brother to have. Today I helped him to move out and cancel his apartment. And I got a nice present! I got an air filter!! Yikes!! Well, he had it because parents bought it for him. But he didn't use it so often. I wanted to buy it, so I took it :D Yay for me!!

About the earthquake 3.11.2011


FAQ What camera I use for Youtube

Hi guys!
Have you watched my loooong video? It's the first long video on thatjapanesegirl.
I always try to make my videos short, but I wanted to answer a question which I've been asked many times.
The question is what camera I use for Youtube.
As I said in my video, I have four cameras. So I wanted to talk about each camera's good things and bad things. That's why it became a long video. I enjoyed filming it. I love gadgets!!

I also talked about making videos on Youtube a little bit at the end.
If you have a lot of free time to stare at me for 12 minutes, please check my video! Hahaha.



It's a bit late update for this. But I'm going to post it anyway.
This video is my 100th video. I've been thinking about what I want to do for that. I've already talked about it on the previous blog post.
This is what I've done! Hahaha.

I moved to Tokyo last year. And I've been observing a lot of gyaru girls in Tokyo. It is a lot of fun to see them. They look like completely different creatures for me. Maybe I'm getting old...
I don't mean that they are weird. They are just different.
They gave me a lot of ideas for my videos. Thank you, Tokyo gyaru!!

I enjoyed making it.
I appreciate all your nice comments. You guys seem to like thatcooljapanesegirl!! I like her too!! LOL.

Thank you very much for watching my videos. 感謝しています!ありがとう!!


My 100th video on thatjapanesegirl channel

It's hard to believe that I've been making videos on Youtube for more than two years. And my 100th video is coming up!! I'm excited.
I've been thinking about what I can do for the 100th video. A lot of people made collab vids for their anniversary videos. So I don't think that I'm gonna do it this time. But in the future, I'd like to try to make a huge collab video.
Why am I talking about it here? Cuz I got an idea for the 100th video. And I'm going to film it tomorrow. Hopefully, I can post it tomorrow night.
I'm not kinda girl like loving celebrating all anniversary days. I often forget Valentine's day and like anniversary... I'm like a guy. Hehehe.
Anyway, my point is that the 100th video is not for myself. It's for my subscribers. I appreciate their support. So I want to do something for them. I usually don't spend a lot of time to make videos. But I'm going to spend all day for this video! It's a big project for me and hopefully for my lovely subscribers too!!
I'll post it on facebook and twitter when it's up.

Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy my 100th video this weekend!!



Hi guys,
Long time no talk! I'm finally back on internet!! It's so nice to have internet. It was too difficult for me to live without internet...
So I posted a new video on thatjapanesegirl. Please go check it out! I'm very happy to make videos and post them here again. And it's great to talk to you guys again!!
This video is a quick Japanese lesson video. I also talked about my new place a bit.
Hope you enjoy it!!


Big News!!

Hi guys!
I'm so excited to tell you guys about this big news.
I'll be on NHK world/jibtv!! It'll be on Ustream on January 29th. And It'll be on air on February 5th!! Here are the website link and Ustream link.

Ustream http://www.ustream.tv/channel/shibuyalive

Website http://www.jibtv.com/info/shibuyaalive/index.html


Golden Guy

I had the drink called "Golden Guy" couple days ago. I haven't felt the golden power yet... I guess I have to be a man to feel that power. Damn it!


My Forever21 Haul

I went to the new Forever21 in Shibuya. It has 6 floors. It's HUGE!!!!

I tried not to spend money. Because I'm trying to save some money in this month. But it was so hard not to buy anything there. There are a lot of cheap cute clothes and accessaries.
I bought some small things.

My favorite one is a red beanie! I love the color!! I thought that a ball thing on top is kinda too much, but it didn't look too bad when I tried it on.
I needed to buy a bag, so I'm happy to be able to find a nice one.
If you are a hardcore TJG follower, you've noticed that I love big earrings. Yes. I always wear big earrings. I'm so lucky to be able to wear them at work too!! I love my job :D
I don't know people want to see what I got, but I like doing something I like in my videos.
I like watching people having fun and smiling, so that's why I'm doing this.
Hope you enjoy watching my videos!



Hi guys,
I went to Asakusa. I thought that there is only a big temple there. But I was wrong.
There are a lot of small shops there. Asakusa is very classic. I felt like I traveled time. It has nice old Japanese style. It was a lot of fun to walk around there except the huge crowd and slow walkers. If you visit Japan, you should check this place ;)


New Hairstyle!!

Hi guys,
I think some of you guys have already seen my video and a picture on Dailybooth or facebook.

Do you want to know why I did it?
It wasn't the plan that I cut my hair like this short. But I thought that I have to pay about $60 anyway... Why don't I cut it shorter? Then, I did it.
I feel great!!


Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!
I went to Zojoji for the countdown. It was a lot of fun.